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Cassandra A. Porter

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Moving Beyond Awareness

Cassandra A. Porter is the award winning author of "I Am That One Black Friend", a book to help move the racial equity conversation in a positive direction. Follow this link to purchase or to learn more about the book.

Cassandra graduated magna cum laude from Tennessee State University in Nashville, Tennessee with a BS in Political Science in 1995, and she received her law degree from Indiana University School of Law – Indianapolis in 1998.  She joined Indiana Department of Child Services in 2005 as the Permanency Manager.  She was promoted in June 2009 to her the Assistant Deputy Director of Staff Development.  In that role, she oversaw all areas of training for all 2,000 DCS staff and 5,000 foster parents.  In November 2012, she left DCS to become the Executive Director of SAFY of Indiana, Inc. where she  was responsible for the treatment and care of nearly 1,000 youth and families throughout the state, and for the fiscal and contractual viability of all Indiana programs and services. She oversaw SAFY’s clinical and business operations within the state, promoting and expanding the organization’s quality continuum of care model and evidence-based practices.  


Cassandra left SAFY in July 2014 to focus solely on Favorite Part of My Day which she gave birth to in November 2012.  "Favorite Part of My Day" is a dinnertime tradition in the Porter family.  When you can remember something that happened during the day, it was special, powerful and impactful - thus will be your experience after working with Favorite Part of My Day.  It will be special, powerful and impactful.

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