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Cultural Competence


When organizations have a diverse population, the next phase in the process is to ensure everyone knows how to work well together.  How respectful are we in our language?  How are we moving through difficult conversations?

Trainings offered:

  • Power of Language

“You can mean what you say and say what you mean, but you don’t have to say it mean?”  Do we know the power of our words?  Do we understand how the “little things” affect others?  

  • Cycle of Oppression

After attending the phase 1 workshop, participants understand systematic oppression, but this session will examine how the most well-meaning individuals oppress others.  We will see how and where to break the cycle. 

  • The Culture of Poverty

How do we look at poor people?  What messages do they feel when they walk in our organization, our school, our church?  This workshop will explore generational poverty as well as the systemic reasons behind poverty.  It will allow participants to develop a plan to eliminate poverty within their sphere of influence. 

  • Understanding Gender Messages

Why are boys labeled as “leaders” and girls labeled as “bossy”?  Do these messages look the same or different when boys become men and girls become women?  How do these gender messages look in the workplace and what can we do to ensure an equitable work environment?  

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