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I Am That One Black Friend: Lessons from a Magical Unicorn: Facilitated Workbook


As a result of the need generated from the book, I AM THAT ONE BLACK FRIEND, this facilitated workbook was created to build on those concepts and lessons.  It provides structure to the activities and conversations that need to occur and the intention is to take time to dive deep into concepts that are complex.  With the facilitated workbook, participants can leave with action items as they move their lives, their families and their work environments in a more anti-racist direction.


Many times, people read a great book, even an award-winning book, and they’re excited. It’s important and impactful, but then what? This guided book study is intended to provide thought-provoking discussion and action steps. There are six sessions to coincide with the six sections of the book. The sessions can be six weeks, three months or six months.  Each session will have discussion questions along with some new information not included in the original book.

I am That One Black Friend: Facilitated Workbook

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